Post-conference tour

After the conference closes, we invite you to Shrovetide – an event which will take place in the Little Wooden Town from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. You are also invited to visit other parts of the museum – the Wallachian Village and the Water Mill Valley.

Called fašank or končiny in Moravian Wallachia, Shrovetide typically involves festivities such as processions of masqueraders touring the villages. The behaviour and the dances were to ensure fertility and good harvest in the coming year. There was a host of customs and rituals in the closing days of the period before Lent, hence the diversity of festivities amongst villages.

Museum aims to give insight into these folk customs. A genuine Wallachian carnival procession will be presented by a group of masqueraders from Francova Lhota; a special folklore version will also be performed by the Wallachian Folk Song and Dance Group Radhošť from Rožnov pod Radhoštěm.

As the merry and high-spirited period ends with evening dancing everywhere, with guests often invited by a musical band playing in the village square, there will be a brass band called Horňané playing in the Little Wooden Town throughout the day, encouraging guests to dance. This will reflect the evening dance parties that used to bring the Shrovetide celebrations to a close and included a funeral parody where a contrabass or a carnival mannequin was carried out from the dancing hall and “officially” buried to mark the end of the period of unbridled merrymaking and the onset of the fasting period. In the Museum’s programme, the custom of burying the bass” will be performed by members of the Volunteer Firefighter Unit from Francova Lhota.

The Wallachian Museum has been collaborating with butchers on a long-term basis; as every year, these firms will come into the Museum during the Shrovetide carnival to showcase their own products allowing visitors to taste excellent pig-slaughtered products while enjoying the cultural event.

If you cannot decide whether to stay until Saturday, check a short video from the Shrovetide in the Museum, 2015!