Economy and marketing

THEMATIC GROUP 3: Economy and marketing

How should visitors/potential visitors view open air museums, what is the strategy for placement of an open air museum, what kind of values connect open air museums and what key and derived values connect the people working there?

What should a visitor/potential visitor associate with the term “open air museum”?
How do open air museums want to be perceived by visitors/potential visitors?
What kind of people work in open air museums, and what values connect them to each other? Why do these people work in open air museums?
What are the key values in the open air museum, and what are the derived values?

Products that are measurable outputs (production) of a museum.

What are the primary and the secondary products of a museum?
Are there any differences among open air museums according to their form, specialisation or founder?
Is it possible to match specific products to any metrics in order to be able to trace the production volume?
Do open air museums produce positive externalities?

Determination of characteristics (parameters) of key products and determination of quality range

What are the key product characteristics with regard to customer benefit? Are customers able to perceive individual characteristics?
Which characteristics are determined directly by the museum, and which are difficult to control (for example, the weather at the time of the visit)?
Do competitive products exist? What characteristics are offered by competitive products? Do customers compare products by their characteristics?

Identify key customers of the museum and create their profile

Are visitors the only “customers” of the museum? Is the founder also a customer of the museum? In addition to common visitors, do open air museums have „customers” from the segment of legal persons, too?
What customers of open air museums do we know? Do we know their requirements or expectations?
What customers do we want to keep, and what new customers do we want to attract?
How should we count the customers of the museum?
What criteria should be applied to distinguish the particular types of customers?
Does the visitor group profile change in time? Do visitors change their preferences around the year or by the seasons?

How do we fulfil the expectations and the needs of the biggest group of our visitors?

What are the needs and the expectations of the visitors to the museum? Why do they come? Does the content of the exhibition, the guides’ performance, etc. meet their expectations?
Do the visitors know the value of the tour around the museum? How do the visitors perceive the quality? How do they perceive the admission fee?
Do we want to surprise our visitors with new products or new features related to existing products?
Can an open air museum produce services or products that nobody consumes? What are non-consumed services or products? Is it justifiable that we spend resources on products or their features which are not consumed (for example, deposited collections which are seen by anybody)?