Accommodation and meals

There are many accommodation facilities in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm. However, as it will be winter skiing season, we recommend you to book your hotel in time!

To make sure that you get your accommodation according to your needs and preference, we have pre-booked 77 rooms in different hotels and guesthouses that should suit every budget. All of them are within 15 – 30 minute walking distance from the conference venue.

The rooms are pre-booked only! Each participant is responsible for his or her own booking. When booking, please state the purpose of your stay – conference Mission and Future of Open Air Museums (Poslání a budoucnost muzeí v přírodě) – and the organizer Wallachian Open Air Museum (Valašské muzeum v přírodě). The rooms are pre-booked for your guaranteed booking only until 15 December 8:00 a.m. After this date, all participants must rely on themselves 🙂

Here is the list of the pre-booked hotels:

Hotel Eroplán (10 rooms) – 15 minute walk

Hotel Horal (10 rooms) – 18 minute walk

Hotel Energetic (10 rooms) – 20 minute walk

Penzion Depandance Forman (10 rooms) – 20 minute walk

Hotel Bečva (10 rooms) – 30 minute walk (close to bus and train stations)

Beskydský hotel Relax (10 rooms) – 22 minute walk

Penzion El Greco (10 rooms) – 15 minute walk

Penzion Anděl (7 rooms) – 20 minute walk

For an overview of all facilities in the city please click here.

The Wallachian Open Air Museum will provide reception lunch every day. Participants will cover their meals themselves; payment will be made during registration.

The museum cordially invites you to a dinner party on Tuesday 30 January!